Join us for the 17th annual Angela R. Mathew High School Seminar Program!
This year, we will be hosting two Seminar weekends:
one in mid-October and one in mid-November.

More details will be published in the coming weeks. The information below has yet to be updated to reflect the 2022 Seminar.  (Updated 04/27/2022) 

Find our past Registration Guide with details on last year's Seminar Program below!


This year, we will be offering both a virtual and a hybrid program. Our virtual program takes place online, and our hybrid program includes in-person breakouts and virtual lectures, streamed live in your team's breakout rooms. All in-person activities require strict adherence to University and community health and safety guidelines:


  • Proof of vaccination will be required for all in-person events.

  • Masks will be required indoors at all times, including while attendees are watching lectures and when HMTA members are out of the room.

  • All attendees must take a PCR Covid-19 test AND submit negative results using the form linked below within three days of arriving on campus on Saturday morning. If result turnaround is a concern, please get tested the Wednesday before (10/13). Harvard Mock Trial members will be testing daily for attendees’ safety.

  • Link to PCR Test Submission:

  • To minimize the risk of spread, each school will be assigned one room for the entire weekend and will remain in that room for all Seminar programming. Rooms will not be shared or swapped at any time. Due to the number of rooms available, there is a maximum of 23 school spots available for our hybrid program in October. The capacity for our November program will be released as the weekend approaches. We will be in touch if that capacity is reached.

How To Register

*Register by October 4th for our October Seminar & October 25th for our November Seminar*

Note: If you are attending the seminar program as an individual student without a school, please contact us!

  1. Coach, teacher, or chaperone complete the School Registration Form.
    This form should be completed by a coach, chaperone, captain, or other main contact for your school. You will be asked to provide us with school information, select the seminar weekend your school plans to attend, input the number of students attending, and indicate whether you would like to opt-in to our potential hybrid model, pending University approval. You will also register coaches and chaperones who will be attending the seminar program on this form.

  2. All students complete the Virtual Student Registration Form or Hybrid Student Registration Form, depending on your option..
    This form will ask for contact information for each student, their parent/guardian, and an emergency contact. It will also ask for a student and parent/guardian signature on our Rules of Conduct and Media Contract. All hybrid participants must also sign and return our Hybrid Program Liability Waiver in order to participate in any in-person programming. Please ensure that each student completes this form and returns the contracts before the registration deadline, as both are required to fully register your team. 

  3. Head coach or chaperone corresponds with Seminar Directors to confirm payment and logistics.
    Once you have confirmed the official number of attendees, including students and coaches/chaperones, please email the Seminar Directors at with the confirmed numbers. After receiving your email, a director will forward your invoice statement and details on how to complete payment, along with information regarding our program format.

Pricing Information 2021

Student Fee


For Option ONE: Foundations


Student Fee


For Option TWO: Classic


Student Fee


$175 if case is submitted before registration deadline

For Option THREE: Personalized


Student Fee


For Option FOUR: Classic


Student Fee


$215 if case is submitted before registration deadline

For Option FIVE: Personalized


Coach/Chaperone Fee


For each coach, teacher, or chaperone present

Deposit Amount (before registration deadline)

1/3 Total Cost

(Student + Chaperone Fees)

For all teams, without exception

Deadline Information

2021 Virtual Seminars Program Deadlines

October Seminar Weekend

November Seminar Weekend

October 7th

October 25th

Registration and 1/3 Cost Deposit Due 

Registration and 1/3 Cost Deposit Due 

October 10th

October 30th

Outstanding Balance Due

Outstanding Balance Due

October 16th and 17th

November 6th and 7th

Seminar Weekend!

Seminar Weekend!

* Please contact the seminar directors with any questions.