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Our fall Tryout process is open to any student at Harvard and designed to showcase the skills that will be most valuable in trial.

Information Sessions

Come meet us and learn who we are and what we do! Before Tryouts each year, we host two information sessions where prospective members can learn about collegiate Mock Trial, the Harvard Mock Trial Association, and watch a live demonstration. Each session lasts about an hour, and both sessions cover the same material, so you only need to attend one. We strongly encourage you to attend an Information Session prior to trying out for the team.

If the times below are not compatible with your schedule, please contact our Director of Tryouts, Training, and Mentoring at rhill@college.harvard.edu. She will work with you to find a time for an in-person meeting.

Saturday, September 8th: 4–5 PM

Sever Hall 113

Saturday, September 8th: 5—6 PM

Sever Hall 113

Tryout Process

Step 1: Fill out our Preliminary Tryout Form

Our Tryout Form puts you on our radar, and it helps us keep track of you as you move throughout the Tryout process. You must fill it out before booking a tryout slot. It's quick—just basic biographical data; the HMTA Application (discussed below) helps us get to know you in depth.


Step 2: Book a Round I Tryout

To book the time of your Round I Tryout, please use this Doodle poll. Round I Tryouts will begin at noon on Sunday, September 9th. When booking, we ask that, whenever possible, you book the earliest available time. If you experience any difficulties or have any questions, don't hesitate to text Remington Hill, our Director of Tryouts, Training, and Mentoring, at (215) 796-8814. She can also be reached via email at rhill@college.harvard.edu.


Step 3: Download our Tryout Packet and HMTA Application

The Round I Tryout Packet and the HMTA Application will be released on Monday, September 3rd at 9am. The Tryout Packet contains all relevant information for the Round I Tryout, extra resources to help you prepare, and the written content you'll rely on for the witness portion of your tryout. The HMTA Application is due to Remington Hill via email (rhill@college.harvard.edu) by 11am on Sunday, September 9th. Please submit two versions, one PDF and one Word Document, and also bring two printed copies to your Round I Tryout. 


Step 4: Prepare for Your Round I Tryout

Everything you need to prepare can be found in the Round I Tryout Packet. Be sure to read it attentively. As you'll see, there are three components to Round I: Witness, Speech, and Extemporaneous. In the Witness portion, you will assume the role of one of the two witnesses we make available, and will learn that witness’s affidavit (a written statement of facts, sworn to under oath) in order to prepare to testify as that witness on Direct Examination. If this sounds like gibberish to you at the moment, don't fret — all of this is explained in depth in the Round I Tryout Packet. In the Speech portion, you will deliver a 2-3 minute prepared speech about a subject of your choosing. There is only one limitation: the speech cannot be related to the law or Mock Trial. And finally, in the Extemporaneous portion, you will be asked to speak on the spot for sixty seconds, answering a question of our choosing.

Step 5: Attend Your Round I Tryout

Please arrive at your Round I Tryout no later than 15 minutes prior to your scheduled time. We apologize in advance if we are running 5-10 minutes late. Remember, you must submit your HMTA Application to rhill@college.harvard.edu by 11am on Sunday, September 9th, and don't forget to bring two printed copies to your Round I Tryout.


From Round I Tryouts on, we will be in touch individually.

If you have any questions about the tryout process, please do not hesitate to reach out to our Director of Tryouts, Training, and Mentoring (rhill@college.harvard.edu).

10-Minute Tryout

Memorial Hall Room 203

Tryout Materials

Please use the below resources to follow the steps above. Please contact our Director of Tryouts, Training, and Mentoring if you have any questions (rhill@college.harvard.edu). Use the links below to sign-up and prepare for your Round I Tryout.

Round I Office Hours

Once you've signed up for a Round I Tryout Slot, we encourage you to make use of the Office Hours we'll be offering on September 4th, 5th, and 6th. Use the Doodle Polls linked below to sign up. Office Hours can be used to discuss your witness persona, get feedback on your argumentative speech, or just better understand Mock Trial, and are highly encouraged, particularly for those without Mock Trial experience.