If you have questions about our Seminar Program, please refer below to our Frequently Asked Questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Angela R. Mathew Harvard Mock Trial Seminar Program?

The Seminar Program is a two-day training program designed to teach both beginners and seasoned competitors the secrets to our success. For the past 15 years, our National Champion All-American Attorneys and Witnesses have shared the Harvard “tricks of the trade” with thousands of high school students from all over the country. In our two-part program, students rotate between interactive lectures and smaller breakout sessions. Our lecturers teach the fundamental skills of mock trial and our breakout leaders help students apply those skills in preparation for a collegiate-level scrimmage. In both settings, we work directly with students to teach them the same techniques that our witnesses and attorneys employ to win perfect 10s on judges’ ballots.

Who is Angela R. Mathew?

Though 2021 is the 15th year of the Seminar Program, it is the seventh dedicated to Angela R. Mathew '15. Angela was a neurobiology student from New Mexico, a former Seminar Director, and a dear friend. On February 10, 2014, after earning the distinction of All-Region Witness and pushing Harvard to a first place finish, Angela died in a car accident as our team returned to campus. Angela was 20 years old. We remember Angela at these seminars and will continue to do so for as long as they run, not only because of her contributions to HMTA but because we can all learn from her vibrant personality, her unbelievable intellect, and her profound kindness.

What can I expect during a Seminar Weekend?

Your weekend schedule will depend on the option you select. We offer five packages that cater to your goals for the weekend and offer access to pre-recorded lectures, live demonstrations and Q&A's, HMTA's Secrets to Success--our student-written guide to all things mock trial--and social events. If you select Option 1, your weekend will consist of six live lectures, as well as social programming to interact with other teams and HMTA members. If you select Options 2 or 3, your weekend will consist of around 10 hours of live lectures and personalized breakout sessions, leading to an Inter-team or Intra-team scrimmage to practice the materials your team works on during breakouts, as well as social programming. You may also choose to opt-into our potential hybrid options: Options 4 and 5. These options are hybrid alternatives to Options 2 and 3--which are fully virtual this year--that will offer a combination of in-person and virtual programming. Confirmation of whether our hybrid options will be available this fall will be released by August 20, 2021.

I am a novice in mock trial. Can I still attend the Seminar?

Yes! Our Seminar Program is designed to help anyone from beginners to well-seasoned competitors improve their mock trial skills and practice writing and performing materials with their team. When you register, you will be asked to indicate whether you are a Novice or Advanced competitor so we can properly cater to your skill set.

What will the 2021 Seminar Program look like?

Our 2021 Seminar offers two separate programs on October 16-17 and November 6-7. We are offering a fully virtual program with the potential for a hybrid model. The virtual option will be an online program that takes place over zoom, while the hybrid option will include both in-person and virtual programming (pending University approval in the next month). You can refer to our Registration Guide on the Seminar page for more details on both programs and how to register your team.

What does a potential hybrid option mean?

While we hope to be able to offer a hybrid option that includes in-person programming this fall, we cannot confirm that possibility until University Guidelines are released. As soon as we receive those policies, we will confirm whether the hybrid option will be available. We hope to announce that decision by August 20th, 2021.

I am unsure if I would like to opt into a hybrid program. Can I still register?

Yes! Our registration form will ask you to select a virtual option and indicate whether you are interested, not interested, or unsure about opting into the hybrid model. If you select the latter option, we will be in touch once fall planing is finalized so you can finalize your package selection. You can also reach out to us at harvardmockseminars@gmail.com if you need to update your information after registering.

Can I change the information on my registration form after submitting?

Yes. If you need to update information regarding contact names or phone numbers, number of students, or date or packagae selection, please contact us ASAP at harvardmockseminars@gmail.com. With enough notice before your seminar weekend, we should be able to make any necessary changes.