Zach Lustbader

Zach Lustbader

Name: Zach Lustbader

Class: 2016

Concentration: Statistics

Hometown: Livingston, New Jersey

Favorite Mock Memory: The final round of the championship in 2015–an incredible way to end a year of hard work, long hours, and a whole lot of fun.

How You Got Into Mock Trial: I did mock trial in high school, but became much more involved in college for the chance to think creatively, tackle difficult legal challenges, and spend time working with fantastic friends.

Favorite Accent: Eastern European

What You Do When You’re Not Doing Mock Trial: On campus, I’m the president of Harvard Model Congress Asia, a government simulation conference in Seoul for international high school students. I’ve worked as a research assistant in the Statistics Department and a course assistant in Statistics and Economics; I’m also a contributor to the Harvard Public Opinion Project, a national political survey of young Americans.

Your Most Wonderful Fun Fact: I’m the first HMTA member to hold *two* (great) board positions—captain emeritus and social chair.

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