Zach Fields

Zach Fields

Name: Zach Fields

Class: 2015

Concentration: Social Studies (the best concentration at Harvard)

Hometown: El Paso, Texas (almost Mexico)

Favorite Mock Memory: Too many to count. But my favorite weekend in mock trial was the regional tournament in February of 2012. I was competing on the B team and along with the A team, we had to go all the way to Orlando, Florida. On the 20-hour bus ride from Boston to Florida, we learned that both teams were going to be one team member short, as one of our members was having her appendix removed and another had a serious TB scare. Long story short, in the middle of the night, while on a Greyhound bus somewhere in the middle of South Carolina, we arranged to have one of our friends fly from Harvard on a crazy flight that went through Puerto Rico at 5AM so that she could get to Orlando for the tournament in time to compete, having never done mock trial before (at all). At the end of the day, the B team won the tournament some 48 hours later and the A team took second place (winning one round by 151 points on two ballots). In all, the most ridiculous and crazy path to victory I’ve ever experienced in mock trial. Also, (thankfully) none of us actually had TB. Also, to future freshman: we won’t be taking 20 hour bus rides in the future, we promise. Ever.

Worst memory was definitely round 3 of tryouts as a freshman.

How You Got Into Mock Trial: I joined mock trial in high school because I had a really incredible and influential freshman teacher who was convinced I was just sleazy and slimy enough to live my life as a lawyer, and just idealistic enough to believe that it would matter (only partially kidding, because she was 100% right). I stuck with it because my team was coached by an amazing Assistant U.S. Attorney and the local D.A. of many years, both of whom were major mentor figures in my life. My best friends were all on my mock trial team in high school, and I spent more hours in mock trial practice on many weeks than I did in class. My senior year, the team won the state championship in Texas and finished in the top five nationally (Kristina’s team wins nationals… mine only got close). I joined HMTA after getting to Harvard because I figured that if you’re only good at a few things in life and only truly love even fewer, it didn’t make sense to stop “mocking.” Also, Graham Wyatt and Chris Ballesteros were just skeptical enough to push me harder and convince me that I had things to prove as a freshman.

Favorite Accent: 1) Miranda/Neil/Angela/Jake/Lauren/EVERYONE’s Brooklyn Accent
2) Georgia Stasinopoulos’ Greek
3) “Well uhhh, what’s the third one there? I can’t, uhhhh, ooops…” (Rick Perry Texas!)

What You Do When You’re Not Doing Mock Trial: That time is so incredibly limited that I’m definitely going to have to make up some of this answer so that you don’t think I’m too much of a nerd. For the most part, I spend my time working on high school government simulation conferences held around the world with Harvard Model Congress (HMC) I staff the events held in San Francisco and Hong Kong and I’m on the planning board for those held in Boston and Madrid. With whatever time I have left, I work on issues related to border security and immigration with my thesis advisor, contemplate earning a bar-tending license, read lots of political-junkie garbage, and spend too much time obsessing over Oscar-worthy films and great TV shows each year.

Your Most Wonderful Fun Fact: After graduating, I plan to get a beagle and name him Agamemnon. I shall call him “Aggie” (perfect Texas link!) and he shall be the best dog ever.

In an alternate life I think I would open a Zach’s Tequila Taqueria somewhere by night and work by day as a “Better-Call-Saul”-esque attorney having a blast in the courtroom every day.

I’m really good at doing Elmo voices… ITS ELMO’S WORLD!

Graham Wyatt and Florence Chen: “Wait, Zach, a fun fact? Weren’t you a HOUSE PAGE?” (Apparently I talked about my time on the House Floor too much as a freshman… so I get these kinds of sarcastic responses far too often.)

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