William Greenlaw

William Greenlaw

Name: William Greenlaw

Class: 2017

Concentration: Likely Government

Hometown: Munster, Indiana

Favorite Mock Memory: One day, after running late for mock trial practice, I literally ran all the way to our practice room.

How You Got Into Mock Trial: After finishing high school, I was interested in joining an organization where I could maintain public speaking exposure. And after having several chats with the team’s charismatic captainship, I signed on.

Favorite Accent: President Obama Impression

What You Do When You’re Not Doing Mock Trial: Outside of the Midlands Court, I enjoy maintaining a role in the Voice Actors’ Guild, as well as preparing to assume my position as Co-Director of Marketing at the Society of Black and Latino Engineers. Beyond that, I enjoy putting together spreadsheets on occasion as a member of the Harvard Financial Analysts. And more in that vein, I am also an enthusiastic member of the Ballroom Dance Team, where waltz and tango are my favourite dances. Outside of extra-curricular activities, though, I enjoy watching C-Span, practicing calligraphy, and lifting weights.

Your Most Wonderful Fun Fact: My full name is William Anthony Greenlaw, making my initials W.A.G. Because of this, I’ve always wanted to do something extremely important for Great Britain so I could be knighted. As such, that would make me officially Sir William Anthony Greenlaw, where my initials would be S.W.A.G.

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