Tyler Parker

Tyler Parker

Name: Tyler Parker

Class: 2017

Concentration: Government

Hometown: High Springs, Florida

Favorite Mock Memory: “Mr. Floyd, I got a doctor friend. He’s terrible at golf, but he’s a good doctor. Anyway, he tells me that the symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder are memory loss, shakin’ — ”
(waves hand as if to do away with the objection)

How You Got Into Mock Trial: I didn’t do Mock Trial in High School. Somehow I was blessed enough to get on this team of champions.

Favorite Accent: White Southerner, Valley Girl, Ratchets

What You Do When You’re Not Doing Mock Trial: THUD! – The Harvard Undergraduate Drummers
Harvard Model Congress
Film/Comedy Writing
Sleep. So Much Sleep.

Your Most Wonderful Fun Fact: I can name all the Academy Best Pictures back till 1990.

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