Jeewon Lee


Name: Jeewon Lee

Class: 2018

Concentration: Government

Hometown: Seoul, Korea & Manila, Philippines

Favorite Mock Memory: In my first ever tournament, my witness walked out on me – during the middle of our direct examination. He had to use the bathroom. (I still love ya, JRobs.)

How You Got Into Mock Trial: I’d never done mock trial before college, but it always seemed like lots of fun. I grew up watching lots of shows and films with lawyers, I loved public speaking (I did Model UN), and I wanted an excuse to dress up!

Favorite Accent: British! Always.

What You Do When You’re Not Doing Mock Trial: Probably eating sushi or listening to music or wandering around the Harvard Art Museum. Or having a meal/talking about life with my favorite people here!

Your Most Wonderful Fun Fact: I own a stuffed panda named Sea Otter, a penguin named Edna, and a cat named Mush Mush (which means ‘apricot’ in Arabic).

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