Jacob Steinberg-Otter

Jacob Steinberg-Otter

Name: Jacob Steinberg-Otter

Class: 2016

Concentration: Government

Hometown: Nyack, New York

Favorite Mock Memory: During cross examination, I once forgot the witnesses’ names. Oops!!

How You Got Into Mock Trial: As I was graduating from middle school and entering high school, the attorney advisor for the high school mock trial team sent a letter to some of the incoming freshmen’s homes. My parents opened the letter, read only the first sentence, which stated “does your child like to argue?” then handed me the letter, saying, “Jake, this sounds right up your alley.” The rest is history!

Favorite Accent: Australian – not that I can do it, though…

What You Do When You’re Not Doing Mock Trial: Reading, singing, watching movies (esp. romantic comedies), writing poetry, traveling, and enjoying life!

Your Most Wonderful Fun Fact: I think I’m funny… or do I?

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