Florence Chen

Florence Chen

Name: Florence Chen

Class: 2015

Concentration: Earth and Planetary Sciences

Hometown: Granger, Indiana

Favorite Mock Memory: When practice began with a turkey chase and ended with a defendant portrayal that almost sent the entire team to the hospital from suppressed laughter.

How You Got Into Mock Trial: My friend told me to “join mock trial. Once you do, you’ll realize you never want to be a lawyer.” Hasn’t worked yet ….

Favorite Accent: Why are Chinese accents politically incorrect?

What You Do When You’re Not Doing Mock Trial: Sprint to the Earth and Planetary Sciences department and take my stable isotope geochemistry experiment off the line because it may be about to overheat.

Your Most Wonderful Fun Fact: You can drive a pirate ship by using the constellations of Orion and Cassiopeia to navigate. I tried!

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